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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Concerning the progression of hygiene

            Civilization understands the need for personal hygiene. Shower, brush your teeth, wear deodorant, wash your clothes, etc. We have practiced those things now for a few decades and (for the most part) have mastered the art fairly well. Especially when compared to our ancestors from the medieval and renaissance times. Those people would go YEARS without bathing (hence we get the tradition of carrying wedding bouquets. It’s not just for pretty decoration).
            We should be congratulated for the great progression humanity has made, but by no means should we stop this revolution. It is time to move on to the next beast before us.
            Oh how many times have I walked into a home and wanted to turn tail and book it out of there. Wanting to be polite in return to being invited into another’s humble abode, I chose to hold my breath and sit in the nearest seat to any flow of fresh air.
            These are houses that usually have pets; dogs, cats, birds, and/or rodents. Now I know that people argue that cat’s are clean, and do not stink. Those people either live in cats and are now immune to the stench, or they have never seen a cat in their life. Felines stink, BAD.  Rats however, are worse. If you are someone who owns rats or mice, I hope you have 5 “Glade” air-fresheners in every room of your house.
            I understand that animals sometimes just stink. It’s ok, babies do it too. Adults are capable of stinking also. The difference is what I have mentioned above: from the age of six, people learn to regularly wash themselves. Now it is time to regularly wash others that are incapable of washing themselves, and especially wash things as well.
            The science behind odors: to be able to smell something, there must be molecules from that thing in your nose. These molecules are evaporated from something volatile and float through the air until they are sucked up by your nose. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want molecules from things like someone else’s sweat up in my nose, and if it is there I definitely don’t want to know about it. So we have showers, clean clothes, and deodorant. Houses have many equivalents to these things: various cleaners, vacuums, and many fun diffuser things.
            Vacuums are an utterly brilliant invention. They suck up dirt, skin flakes and dandruff, crumbs, and spiders. All you with pets should invest in regular vacuum use. All you with children should invest in regular vacuum use. All you with homes should invest in regular vacuum use! It makes a huge difference. Suck up those molecules so that they don’t end up in your nose.     
            Use cleaners. Floor cleaners, anti-bacterial sprays, bathroom cleaners (toilet cleaners especially). Not only do they smell pretty good and fresh, they kill bacteria and viruses, and pick up smelly molecules. Stay healthy and dwell in a pleasant place. But remember when using strong cleaners to open windows and doors, before your home becomes too pleasant.
            Finally, this could just be my opinion as a woman, but it is so much fun to shop for good-smelling things. I love smelling all the different oil-diffusers, candles, and sprays a store has for purchase, then picking a different one for every room and a few for my car. Every smell creates a different mood. Cinnamon scents remind me of the holidays and are very cozy and cheerful. Warm vanilla sugar is a fun, comforting smell. Tropical scents help me focus, unless its coconut. I hate coconut. Having scent diffusers is not necessary, but it really helps too; especially if you have rodents.
            When I throw all of these things together, my home is a place where I can work, relax, and entertain guests as well as my two dogs. Sure it takes a bit of extra time and money perhaps too, but you cannot put a price on happiness, health, and friendship. 

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